How to Avoid Blocked Drains

How To Prevent Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is one of the major problems people call Toronto drain service experts about. A clogged drain can be a major inconvenience because it can ultimately render a tub, sink or any other thing that the drain is attached to useless. Leaks, bad odors, as well as flooding which can cause considerable property damage can, in several instances, be linked to a blocked drain.

If your drain system is clogged, it is important that you unclog it as quickly as you can. There are some clogs you can deal with by yourself using simple drain clearing tips and tips; however there are also some stoppages that you will need to hire a professional plumber in Toronto to help you deal with. It is far simpler, however, to prevent blocked drains than it is to clear them after the problem has occurred. There are several ways you can prevent your drains from getting clogged. Read on to find out more.

Do not pour cooking grease or oil down your sink

Grease is extremely harmful to your drain pipes for the reason that it settles along the sides of your pipes and acts as a kind of trap for discarded pieces of food. In time, the buildup of particles causes your drain to block. You should have an old container available for pouring left over grease as well as oil from cooking in, and place it within the refrigerator to harden before throwing it away.

Do not put any other thing into your sink

The only things you can pour down your sink are water plus light residues from toothpaste, soap, and so forth. Lotions, coffee grounds, and other liquids or creams can block up your drain pipes. In addition, chemicals including chemical cleaning solutions which you utilize for your faucets and basins can wind up causing a stoppage. These chemicals can also corrode your drain pipes and lead to a leak.

Clean stoppers on a regular basis

Once every week, take out all sink stoppers as well as pop-up stoppers. Wash and rinse them properly. Stoppers are prime locations for loose hair and other particles to get stuck and ultimately clog the drain pipes.

Recognize a clog that is about to happen

Any time you notice that your drain system is running slowly, you should not ignore it. Utilize a plunger to dislodge or remove the accumulation before it turns into a serious problem. Remember, if you cannot deal with a particular plumbing problem, you should contact a Toronto plumber to take care of the problem immediately.

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