When To Call an Emergency Plumber


When To Call an Emergency Plumber

We take water for granted. Sure, we understand that we are made up mostly of it and that is sustains life, but we often forget how powerful, and in some case, how destructive it can be. When not contained and allowed to do what it does in nature, it can cause havoc quickly in the controlled, artificial environments of our homes. The most important thing to remember, when dealing with water in places where it shouldn’t be, is to not panic and to get help as soon as possible. When dealing with a plumbing emergency, a professional emergency plumber should be contacted as quickly as possible. So, what would be considered a plumbing emergency? Here are some examples:

Broken or Burst Pipe

Definitely a situation where you need to act fast, this common plumbing emergency can be the most destructive. The severity of the problem depends on which pipe has burst, and where that pipe is located. If the wrong pipe in the wrong place has burst, you could be looking at significant amounts of water pouring into your home, and you could expect a serious amount of damage as a result. In these cases, don’t try to make repairs yourself. You need to call a plumber right away.   If it is at all possible, shut off the main water supply to your house. You should also try to clear your property out of the flooded area as best you can in order to minimize further damage while allowing access to the area for the plumber.

Overflowing Toilet

While not normally as serious as broken or burst pipes, an overflowing toilet can be very difficult for homeowners to deal with because of the typical unpleasantness of the problem. A damaged or clogged toilet system is usually the culprit, but sometimes the problem is much worse and much more complex. A professional plumber can deal with blockages at any point along the drain line and can diagnose any other problems that may develop down the road. Bringing in such a pro early will actually save you time and money in the future.

Clogged Drain

Toilets aren’t the only thing that can get clogged. Drains are found throughout your home and it isn’t just water that flows down their lines. Fatty substances like grease and oils can build up over time after getting washed down kitchen sinks. Hair can build up quickly in drain lines from bathrooms. Sometimes these substances will build up around a foreign object that has found its way down the drain and a blockage occurs. When drains do get clogged it usually means that water will back up and oftentimes will overflow back out into sinks and basins.   While it is true that you may be able to clear some clogs yourself, in all likelihood, the problem will quickly return once the materials build up again. You should, therefore, get professional help from a plumber quickly. A pro will have the tools and skills to handle those tougher clogs.

Frozen pipes

In Toronto it isn’t uncommon to have to deal with frozen pipes in the freezing winter. The telltale sign of frozen pipes is a lack of water coming from your faucets. Getting the water flowing again isn’t as simple as heating up the pipes. You don’t want a frozen pipe to become a burst pipe. A professional plumber knows the proper way to thaw your pipes and get them flowing again, and then how to insulate them so that the problem doesn’t repeat itself.

When we turn on our taps we want water to come out smoothly and then drain away quickly. We don’t want water to run loose in our homes. Quite frankly, water damage can be very expensive to repair, and in some cases, can cause irreparable damage to your precious possessions. In the event that any of the above mentioned situations occur in your home, don’t waste time trying to fix the problem yourself. You may just cause more damage to occur. Instead, pick up the phone and call a Toronto emergency plumber right away.

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